Our Focus

learning and memory in fish

This research investigates the memory abilities of zebrafish and cichlids. In particular we have developed novel tests for measuring object recognition memory and episodic-like memory in zebrafish. Our work with cichlids has demonstrated that they have at least a 12-day memory span. Future work will include the development of tests to investigate other forms of memory in fish.


As our world becomes increasingly populated and resource-dependent, humans are producing more toxins than ever before. The increase of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere may have an impact on marine and freshwater life because as it enters these systems it causes acidification. This research investigates the potential impact of elevated carbon dioxide on the behaviour and brain functioning of freshwater and saltwater fish.


This research primarily investigates the impact of anxiolytic and anxiogenic drugs on the behaviour of zebrafish. We use well-validated tests for anxiety-like behaviour in zebrafish like the light/dark test, novel tank diving test, novel approach test, and shoaling.

Awards / Grants / Fellowships

National Sciences and Engineering Research Committee (NSERC) – Discovery Grant –An Investigation of CO2-Induced Behavioural Changes in Freshwater Fish (2014-18)

Professional Associations / Memberships

Campus Alberta Neuroscience

Society for Experimental Biology